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Bay window Shutters in a Child's Bedroom

Children's Bedroom Shutters

Shutters are a beautiful and functional replacement for Blinds or Curtains in Children's Bedrooms.

Safety First

Unlike conventional blinds, Shutters don't have a hanging cord or strings that can be a safety concern in Kid's Bedrooms.

Easy to Clean

Shutters are tough, durable and wipe-clean, all of which tend to be vital when children are involved! Shutters also don't gather dust like soft furnishings (which can be great for allergies), and finger prints and other mucky marks from those little sticky fingers are easily wiped away!

Reduce Light & Noise

When they're finally asleep, we don't want the Kid's disturbing! Shutters act as a physical barrier against your window, reducing noise and light entering the room.

Q - Are Shutters "Blackout"?
A - Although Shutters significantly reduce light, the louvres (slats) do have small gaps so aren't enough to totally block light on their own. However, Shutters do sit slightly in front of the window itself so you can still use a conventional 'blackout' blind to get the best of both worlds!

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