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Bay window Shutter installation with our vans outside Panel style Shutters in a Bay Window Closed Café style Shutters in a bay window

Bay Window Shutters

We're often asked if you can have Shutters in a Bay Window, and the answer is YES! and they look fantastic!

In addition to all of their other benefits... (being easy to clean, insulating your room, controlling the light etc), Plantation Shutters can fit neatly into your Bay Window to make a tidier window covering than blinds or curtains.

Bay Window Installation Options

When installing Shutters in a Bay Window, there are different options depending on your window and the look you desire.

We can create Shutters that are fitted together, to give the appearance of being all once piece, or as separate panels to preserve the look of the window (which is great for Victorian homes!).

Larger Rooms

Because Shutters follow the shape of your bay, (not cutting across it like curtains), you reclaim the extra space to make your room feel bigger!


Bay windows are often in street-facing rooms, making Plantation Shutters IDEAL owing to the additional privacy they provide from passers-by! By adjusting the louvres, (the slats), you will achieve the perfect balance between light and privacy.

Curb Appeal

Shutters look fantastic inside and out, giving the exterior of your home a WOW-FACTOR too!

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